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“In the business world, the rearview mirror is always clearer than the windshield.”

Warren Buffett

American investor, business magnate, and philanthropist

aVALÉ Pro Business Services hubs are conveniently located in shared spaces. We are one stop solutions for the paralegal, tax/financial, clerical/admin, and marketing support services an upwardly bound small business or non profit needs in the first 5 years of operation. We have poured over 28 years of business development knowledge and wisdom, that only comes through the entrepreneurial experience, into the deep thought put into creating the business model.

Who are our customers?

We are a resource for the businesses and non profits located inside or with a membership in shared workspaces.

What are shared workspaces?

A collaborative workspace or shared workspace is an inter-connected environment in which all the participants (usually freelancers and entrepreneurs) in dispersed locations can access and interact with each other just as inside a single entity. Coworking spaces started mushrooming in the mid-2000s in response to the changing economy, as workers turned to freelancing or starting their own businesses instead of joining established companies. Some Americans chose this lifestyle because they were drawn to the possibility of working outside the strictures of a traditional 9-to-5 job. Others, however, were forced into less stable work as the economic downturn led to layoffs and prompted businesses to hire workers on a contract basis rather than full-time.

What is our customers’ unmet need?
  1. Business owners located in shared workspaces typically have limited staff and are often so focused on creating their products/services, they have very little time to vet professional service provider or manage their back office as often as they wish.
  2. They need to be able to procure professional services at fees that makes sense for the stage or phase they are in business.
  3. They could benefit from an in resident professional service team who understands their particular needs and can project manage the “concept to completion processes” on their behalf.
  4. These days, it’s not enough just to be a good product/service provider. Clients are looking for more. They want to have someone in their corner that they can rely on, trust and get advice to help grow their business when they need it.
How does our business model solve this problem?

First, we are here to stay.  The shared workspace environment and it’s members are our clients. This means everyday we dedicating 100% of our resources to your success!

How we get it done…

Communication…Because transparency is important to us…The moment you come aboard, all of our clients enjoy a secure and private workspace where all of their projects are managed.  Because we are located within the shared workspace, we are able to collaborate with you on every detail of your projects as often as you wish. This means you have instant access to your assigned project manager via video or text chat. The communication tool can be used over the internet with any mobile, handheld, or desktop device.

Designated Managers…We have a Client Relationship Manager (CRM) assigned for each of the four areas of business – tax/financial, marketing/promotional items, clerical/administrative, and paralegal. This helps to keep us organized and operating efficiently. The goal of each CRM is to get to know and understand you, your business model, and your needs.  They work very closely with each other to insure that your projects are professionally completed on time every time.

A Network of Professional Service Providers…We call our people professional Jacks.  Whether they are accountants, social media gurus, attorneys, or web developers they are well vetted and highly skilled.  Most of all they have signed off on our process and the way we want you treated.  Once your Client Relationship Manager understands your needs, a specific professional jack is assigned to get the job done. A project work plan is created to keep all milestones and related deadlines very transparent.  No worries, your client relationship manager manages the entire process from concept to completion.

aVALÉ Professional Business Services works behind the scenes for you, in a transparent way, to insure that your entire back office projects are professionally completed just you would expect.


Customer feedback grows businesses! Your input is welcomed and appreciated.

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